Bastar Se Bazaar Tak Private Limited

Welcome to Forest Naturals powered by Bastar Se Bazaar Tak Private Limited, on a mission to uplift the lives of tribal farmers in India's most densely forested state, Chhattisgarh. We are the champions of the 'Everyman,' the tribal farmers who are the backbone of our society, yet often face struggles and challenges that go unnoticed.



The company was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges faced by tribal farmers in this region. Their livelihoods largely depend on Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFPs), which often perish after harvesting, leading to significant losses. Additionally, the lack of market linkages and value addition possibilities often force these farmers to sell their produce at lower prices.

Bastar Se Bazaar Tak addresses these issues by focusing on the post-harvest processing of NTFPs. The company buys the produce directly from the farmers, processes it into high-quality, unadulterated products, and makes them available to urban consumers at affordable prices. This not only reduces post-harvest losses but also ensures that the farmers receive fair compensation for their produce.

The company's work has already impacted over 1200 families across 12 villages, created 67 jobs, and strengthened the local economy.


Awards and Recognition

Bastar Se Bazaar Tak has won several awards for its innovative approach and significant social impact. The company's achievements have been recognized by prestigious awards such as the 'TATA Social Enterprise Challenge 2021' and the 'Young India Challenge Award 2020'. These accolades reflect the company's commitment to creating long-lived environmental and social outcomes that benefit both the tribal farmers and the consumers. By backing Forest Naturals, Bastar Se Bazaar Tak continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of market and consumer demand-driven solutions, rather than charitable ones, in addressing the challenges faced by tribal farmers.