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Welcome to Forest Naturals powered by Bastar Se Bazaar Tak Private Limited, on a mission to uplift the lives of tribal farmers in India's most densely forested state, Chhattisgarh. We are the champions of the 'Everyman,' the tribal farmers who are the backbone of our society, yet often face struggles and challenges that go unnoticed.

Our quest is to combat post-harvest losses and bridge the gap between the forest and the market, bringing high-quality, unadulterated, processed forest produce to urban consumers. We believe in the purity of nature and the strength of simplicity, mirroring the essence of our tribal farmers.

Our products are a testament to this belief - natural, pure, and healthy, free from chemicals, synthetic colours, artificial flavours, or adulteration. In every bite, you taste the richness of the forest, the sweat of the farmer, and the spirit of a community that refuses to give up. Welcome to a journey of resilience, of triumph over adversity, and of a dream to create a healthier, more sustainable world. Welcome to Forest Naturals.



At Forest Naturals, our mission is to improve the livelihoods of tribal farmers in the Bastar region by reducing post-harvest losses and providing high-quality, unadulterated, processed forest produce to urban consumers at a fair price.


Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem that empowers tribal farmers, respects the environment, and delivers natural, wholesome products to our customers.


We have partnered with over 1200 smallholder farmers across 12 villages, providing them with sustainable employment and fair compensation for their produce. Our efforts have led to the creation of 67 jobs, two-thirds of which have been filled by tribal women.

Samaaj (Society)

Forest Naturals is deeply rooted in the local community. We work directly with small and marginal tribal farmers, particularly women, providing them with sustainable employment opportunities. Our goal is to enhance their livelihoods and empower them economically. By focusing on reducing post-harvest losses, we directly benefit the farming community. Our operations are based on a farmer partnership model, making the farmers integral stakeholders in our business.


Sarkar (Government)

Forest Naturals operates within the framework of government regulations and standards related to food processing and packaging. We align our operations with government initiatives aimed at supporting social enterprises and promoting sustainable farming practices.


Bazaar (Market):

Forest Naturals has a strong market presence. We manufacture and supply a range of forest food items, offering a wide variety of customised food products. Our business model is market-oriented, and we strive to make our high-quality, unadulterated, naturally pure forest products available to urban customers at fair prices. Our growth and revenue figures indicate successful engagement with the market, and we continue to explore new opportunities for expansion.


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